Monday, March 12, 2007

pill popping

Unlike Matt I do take my meds 7 days a week.
I also take a B vitamin, a multiple, Fish oil, ginseng and other supplements.
This is the only way I can be sure to take two doses per day. Even then I forget some days.
i am kind of down today, too much confusion and multiple demands on myself in different cities.
I hate driving the freeways, because of the idiots all around me.
On the plus side I have met some really nice people, attended a new church, and contacted several new clients locally.
Now I just need to focus on the stuff that comes AFTER the dentist tomorrow morning.


MTR said...

Growing up I was around several adults who needed to admit to the need to "pop pills." These adults had seriously manic issues, and yet admission eluded them. So the families suffered.

Sometimes admitting to a need is good not only for yourself, but especially for those around you.

David said...

you bet! my kids see a whole different 'dad' because with humility, comes the potential for help, from outside.

David said...

wow, i messed up another dental appointment.
not sure if it is ADD or just not wanting to lie in the chair again.
I was there 4 hours early, and rescheduled. Work is a mess, but I am beautiful.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've been out of all the supplements I used to do for about a year now- just got to order a couple. Co-enzyme Q10 n Lutien/Bilberry (eyes) Really missed them n the effects - can't wait til they get here. Omega 3's & 6's occassionally taken, but usually only when I feel a craving for it.
I need doses of sunshine as well. I'm fortunate my moods haven't been as severe as past years, n meds just take allergy, tylenol, n eyedrops. I'm avoiding Rx's (no insurance)
I avoid people contact too much, also.

You're avoiding pain, I guess- Good luck next time!