Saturday, March 28, 2009

cheep cheep - cluck cluck

I want chickens again
specifically baby chicks
which are coming to the feed store next week
I am not able to care for baby chicks
and do not have a long range plan to have egg laying pullets again
but I want to
which makes me crazy
which is why I posted this on a mental health blog.

If you read this pray
that I move toward sanity
and away from crazy
one step at a time.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I will put this here because my family rarely reads this.

it took me a long time to get my registration
and I ended up with a BRAND new license plate
with SHINY tags and a perfect piece of paper to back it all up.

Yesterday I went to get it smog tested, and then to the DMV
and so last night, driving across town at 11pm, when the roads are empty
a car (SUV) pulled a hard U turn and came up behind me.
I had a feeling who it was, but I felt safe, being all newly legal and such.
After stopping at a red light ( he hung back to read my plate) I took off nice and steady
hung the first right, and the first left into a parking lot and PRESTO
the lights came on.....

He said my driving evasively was suspicious.
I did not tell him that his driving made me nervous too
after all HE made a u
did not pull all the way to the limit line at the intersection
and ALSO made the quick right and immediate left into the
lot behind Vons.
I showed him my license and looked too sober for the time of night
so he chuckeld and ( after running my name) let me drive off, free.
two minutes later I saw him pull a U turn on another poor sap.
I guess he was looking for trouble.
I had none to offer, I was too tired

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Thursday, March 05, 2009

In search of tranquility

i am not in a good place tonight
but this low spot is good because:
I caused it
I know it well
it does not last long
and there is a good reason
and a deep sadness that is at its root
nothing frivolous
or easily solved, or even mine to take care of
but sad, and difficult nevertheless.
It felt good to say it here.
I am sad, but tomorrow I will be happier.
somewhere there is a wild flower blooming
that needs me to appreciate it.
sparkling jewel in the desert,
I am on my way.