Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I will put this here because my family rarely reads this.

it took me a long time to get my registration
and I ended up with a BRAND new license plate
with SHINY tags and a perfect piece of paper to back it all up.

Yesterday I went to get it smog tested, and then to the DMV
and so last night, driving across town at 11pm, when the roads are empty
a car (SUV) pulled a hard U turn and came up behind me.
I had a feeling who it was, but I felt safe, being all newly legal and such.
After stopping at a red light ( he hung back to read my plate) I took off nice and steady
hung the first right, and the first left into a parking lot and PRESTO
the lights came on.....

He said my driving evasively was suspicious.
I did not tell him that his driving made me nervous too
after all HE made a u
did not pull all the way to the limit line at the intersection
and ALSO made the quick right and immediate left into the
lot behind Vons.
I showed him my license and looked too sober for the time of night
so he chuckeld and ( after running my name) let me drive off, free.
two minutes later I saw him pull a U turn on another poor sap.
I guess he was looking for trouble.
I had none to offer, I was too tired

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