Thursday, October 06, 2011

post mortem for Great Minds?

 Old post found in drafts - from 2007?

post = after
mortem= death

this will be a sort of sighing, signing off, of a blog that was driven, in part by a real condition, that when properly treated, may go away and render the author(s) slash blogger(s) capable of so much more, that they do not return here often enough to give it the freshness and consistency that a good blog needs.
As near as I can tell, Matt is much better, and benefits greatly from his careful use of Concerta, to help control his impulsiveness and distractedness. as to me ( David) I am distracted, but healthy, and doing what comes naturally, not letting it get me depressed. finding more of my core purpose in life has helped, surrendering myself to the daily routines that accompany elder care helps also.
There is nothing as important right now as my mom's return to health. Our whole family is dedicated to this one thing, and I am a part of that team. Mom is doing well, better each day and cooperating in her treatment plan ( for a hurt, stiff, fused back)
My distractedness is helped in part by the length of summer days that allows me more hours to "get something done" even if it takes until 8pm to do so.
I sleep very little, and wake with lots of energy. when it is beastly hot, like the past few days, I nap in the afternoon, while trying to read.
I found a new career path, Massage therapist, so I am studying that, but can not afford time off for school, so I will be self taught, and learn for other licensed therapists that will exchange their massages for mine. its a good life. God is with me. I even love my ADD.

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David Edward Linus said...

this was from years ago - but i liked it - even if it was dated. My mind is a beautiful thing, and clever enough to beat the blues, or any other color that would keep me from my true self.
I am - I write about it, so you can read