Monday, April 02, 2007

B a L week!

Sorry Matt, I just have to go silly for a moment.

By Declaration: It is befriend a looney week

EVERYONE needs someone in their life that is crazy
we all seem to find at least one.
(Schizophrenics may need two or more)

So we are instituting at Sugarloaf mountain and here at"Great minds!"
the new policy of befriending a crazy person, and telling you,
our faithful and few readers, that it is OK, nay even GOOD to find and bind to a person of questionable sanity. Yes, loonies ( as they like to be known) need us and we need them.

A few disclaimers: the person you are married to does not count.
Your teenagers do not count, as they MIGHT grow out of it, and someday be sane, leaving you looneyless. ( can't have that now, can we?)

So dig around in the dusty corners of your societal room, and find a discarded loonie, and take them under your care. but do be careful, some do not know that they need befriending and may bite at first, till they get that you are a kind and caring soul, with their best interest at heart.

Why do I ask you to do this? what is the import of having a special loon in your life?
It's very simple. Having someone who is clearly bannanas near and dear to us makes us feel more sane.
We all need that, to feel alright, to see ourselves as fitting in, doing ok, and performing somewhere near the norm. The best way to do that is to get your very own specimen of disfunctionality and bring them close, it will make "your world" feel like a more balanced place.

IF you have trouble finding your first loon, the author may be available for a brief period of time, until you get the knack for spotting and picking your own suitable loonie.
NO sacrifice is too great when it comes to assurng your mental health.
We give and give until we have little craziness left, then we go talk to our teens and recharge, Such is our dedication to the cause!

Now, GO, find a crazy person, and see how much more sane you will feel!


Jennifer said...

I like it :) I spent a week in the hospital with the crazies once, and yes, they did make me feel so much saner!!! Plus some of them were as entertaining as particular paranoid schizophrenic kept me in stitches through my tears all week long!
I feel like a loon myself this week...can I befriend myself? ;)

David said...

Jennifer, you spent a week in a van with 7 other people, how could you not feel crazy??

NO, you must adopt another looney.

Carol said...

Love the idea, David.

(How many blogs do you have anyways?)

David said...

just four blogs
one where i do my writing
one is pictures of work I have done
this one, and another..... hehe
see my profile for info

Live, Love, Laugh said...

Oh my word, I don't think I can do this, that is all I deal with at the police dept, nothing but loonies. lol