Saturday, April 07, 2007

i am off my medication

it was crucial to have it during the winter
I will try skipping the wellbutrin for a week
if I can get enough other "energy stuff" in my system
I may be alright - to go without through the summer.
Lots of good work ahead.
and tomorrow is Sunrise service at 6:30 am. so i better get some rest.
God bless you all.

Update Saturday - the 21st
Two weeks later
I CAN feel the difference, in terms of energy and focus,
but I am determined to push a bit further into the great unmedicated zone
in order to know the limits of my own being au naturel.

and wow - I also have a new career path.

today is our Big Bear MS walk, see my other blog or click here to donate.


Jennifer said...

I have been off mine for two weeks. If I start unraveling, you'll know why, lol, but I think I'll be fine, and I'm sure you will too! :) (hugs)

David said...

I am also off coffee, and feeling a bit droopy. Must sleep a few more hours tonight.

David said...

don't try this at home:
I am also off coffee.
i did have a glass of wine ( or two) with Easter dinner, and a margarita this week, all yummy and forbidden when on wellbutrin.
You look fine to me, Jennifer!

Oracle said...

Im off Drink....

Completely and utterly...

Part of the issue apparantley but I had another visit with my psychiatrist on Tuesday and it appears to be working towards a workable solution, an I have you guys to partially thank.

So Keep up the good work and good luck with the no meds ;)

Snaggle Tooth said...

Good luck with the cold turkey! I quit coffee n then ciggibutts over 4 years ago, n the first 2 weeks were the toughest!

I am now tho, dependent on reg tea, green tea, and Chamomile tea for drinks. I also took up fruity-juices, n find myself needing sugar-boosts every now n then.

Anonymous said...

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I just stopped by to view your site
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