Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I am willing to try Concerta,
I have their info package and Matt's
testimonial. I need some help.
here is a toast to a better, faster,
more efficient me.

God bless the USA and God bless you.

and peace to all who struggle with their inner ghosts.


Jennifer said...

You'll have to let me know how it works for you. I need something...I have not been sleeping lately, which scares me.

David said...

when I pay 116.70 for 30 pills I expect results, I think this will make me more focussed and motivated right off the bat.

will pray that you get the right stuff!

Amber Anique said...

Concerta, in my opinion, has to be the best medication for ADHD. I was taken off Concerta and put on Ritalin...and now I am willing to pay out of pocket to get my Concerta back. It felt like I was finally able to live life. Once you find the correct dosage of Concerta, you truly will be happy. Finding the correct mg is the worst, and most frustrating part of the process...but don't give up....the frustration is actually worth the BLESSING!!!
Grace & Peace!

David said...

i am on 27mg once a day, is this enough for 210 (Liar) pound man?