Monday, August 27, 2007

new me?

I THINK the Concerta is kicking in,
and I know that I like having a new BIG house
and BIG responsibility
to pay the rent and utilities all by my self.
( no sharing, yay)
I Love that my photography is getting good reviews
and making the cover of a national catalog.
go ahead, ask me for one....

AND i have new teeth, 5 to be exact
so I am relearning how to talk,
and eating a bit mmore thoughtfully
all good at the age of 25 ( i am still having some dislexia, it seems)


Jennifer said...

Have some corn on the cob for me!!
It sounds like it's all good there for you...even the dyslexia works in your favor. For me it wouldn't...I'd be 63 this birthday ;)

angel said... meds and new teeth- quite a combo!

Shane said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my ADHD & LD Resource Blog. I'm going to browse around your blog for a bit now. Take care. :)