Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Jacked up, waiting to fly

I asked my Dr. to up my Concerta from 27mg to 36mg and he did
let's see how that works out
AND how much more it costs.

Moving is over.
now a huge project that needs all my attention.
"Come on Davey boy!"


Wanda said...

Hey, thanks for stopping by...Cleaning is over...sweet dreams tonight of ice cream sundae's!

Jennifer said...

Can you tell that it's working well? I'm still debating whether or not I want to try it...does it have side-effects?

Amber Anique said...

Concerta is THE BEST!! But it is wayyyy expensive if you're paying out of pocket! I ended up having to have 2 different scripts of Concerta...18 & 27+ 45mg...w/o script insurance...over $300/mth! Who has that amount of money to pay that EVERY SINGLE MTH?!?!? THAT'S A FREAKING CAR NOTE!!!

David said...

yep 36 mg just cost me 4. per pill