Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jump through the hoop

i need to have blood tests to keep my prescription
(for Concerta 36 mg)
it is written by a general practicioner Dr.
(not a shrink)
so he is covering his rear.

I would hate to spend big bucks on a blood test
since I know I am healthy and will live forever
but I want MY MEDS!

I have a LIFE Extension membership
( no health care, thank you anyway Hillary!)
and I get these tests cheap.
only trick, getting someone to draw my blood...
any volunteers?
I could go into the animal hospital, they are nice people, and like me.
I think they like me.

1 comment:

Omykiss said...

The people who do the tests don't draw the blood then? Sounds complicated ... good luck and thanks for your visit ....