Saturday, February 02, 2008

scary things in the night

I saw scary things last night
( in reverse order)

I was tired, it was nearing 1 am
I was 5 miles from home ( on a 300 mile round trip)
i was towing a trailer.
Two asses were in the road
Grey Burros

I braked, used half the other lane and went around them.

a half hour before that,
driving on the ice
i saw flashers ahead
three cars stopped
one of them stopped head first into
the berm of hard snow and ice
OUCH! I downshifted
kept on going slowly by them.
and was glad for my GNARLY studded snow tires.

but by far the scariest thing I will ever see is the creatures that prowl the aisles of WALMART at 11pm on a Friday night. Uggh I can not believe the disgusting things that pass for human beings any more. what a mess we have. how do these people come to be so hideous, so blank looking and so completely empty of any intelligent thought? My quick answer: Television programing and modern "music"


~Easy said...

Wal-mart is scary anytime. That's why I never shop there

Hi. Michele sent me

kenju said...

What in the world were two burros doing in the road at night?

I know all about scary people in Wal-mart. They are there in the daytime too!

Jennifer said...

Were you at MY Wal-Mart? We have the scary people here, believe me...oy!

Anonymous said...

walmart draws those kinds of people out, don't you think?
Michele sent me :)

David said...

i am not sure, but I suspect that IF aliens were to be dropped off from another planet, Walmart would be a logical starting place. NO one would notice them.

Bill said...

Hi David, Thanks for the comments, The NY Giants really out played the Patriots the whole game. and Brady had no protection at all he must have been hungry eating all that grass.
Can't win them all.
Have a good one and take care.