Saturday, November 12, 2011

good brain, talk to my heart

Isn't it something how we can know
Know for sure and yet we still
W I S H for somethings to be true,
hope for others to be NOT true and
wail in our deepest parts about what is not fair?

How can I know anything for sure?  Knowing that God IS helps.
Knowing that he wrote to me in his word and that it is a letter of love and acceptance as well as warnings, that when He thinks of me, He sees me as perfected, whole and not struggling.

I know that my mom and dad loved each other and loved me.
I am sure that I am a lovable and loving person, though not perfectly so.
Certain of my intentions, I risk the possibility of being misunderstood by being very open, very real with others. I firmly believe that you will not ever meet another 'ME', so I give it my all while we have this thing called time (together).

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