Monday, December 15, 2008


sanity is helped along by extreme beauty Posted by Picasa


donna said...

that is a most gorgeous picture and calming to the soul.....WOW!!

Jennifer said...

Sometimes, yes....than you for sharing. Did you take that picture??!? What a lovely view!!

Merle said...

Hi David ~~ Beautiful picture and they do soothe the soul.
Thank you for your comments on my site
I do not know if that story was true -
Leann says it was because it was on TV
I hope that it was true as it was a great story.
I was so very sorry to learn that Minerva's cancer had come back and pray that she can defeat it again.
Take care of yourself David, Regards,

David said...

that is the view looking east from my front drive ( at 6:30 am)
i took that wityh my new Canon A540

Snaggle Tooth said...

Gorgous colors!
I think the local beauty here keeps me sane, too!