Sunday, February 18, 2007

different - but not worse off

just a quick note:
many things about ADD ADHD cause sadness and misunderstanding
but there are humorous and beautiful effects as well.
As I think Matt has noted earlier, we do not wish ourselves to be "normal"
but do wish to function better in order to serve our families, our communities and God.

So you take it all, the good and that bad, the sad and the funny
and you live a life that pleases some and disappoints others.
The help we have found, we are forever grateful for,
the road ahead is full of hope and promise
because we at least now know what is going on
inside of these "Great Minds"



donna said...

David and Matt...

I would like to write to both of you, but don't have Matt's email....Matt do you mind David sharing it with me? I would like to hear comments from both of you on my thoughts and prefer not to blog them...thanks so much...

colleen said...

Hi David,
I used to think my dyscalicia/ dyslexia was being differently abled and it is, except in this modern day culuture I feel it is an disablity because our society valdiates a narrow type of intellegence (speaking in generalaties here). My family definately has some strange brain wiring all the way around. I mostly like my brain and the way it works because it's different and interesting to me, but other times I feel impaired.

Did you try the second game? It was much easier!