Tuesday, February 06, 2007

A Medicated Life

I have ADHD.

As an adult, and someone who spend many years thinking the very idea of ADHD was silly, this was a difficult pill to swallow (literally).

Naturally, even after coming to terms with the fact, it's difficult to grasp the idea that I will be popping pills every day for a long time to come. It's not something that I tend to want to do.

I read about alternatives often, and fish oil/omega-3 supplementation does seem to have some benefits. Along with the alternatives I have decided (and the psychiatrist agrees with this idea) that I'll only take ADHD medication when it is needed. This generally means only during the work week.

For ADHD medication this is okay. What about others? How do you deal with this issue?


David said...

since mine is also a anti-depressant, going on and off the medication is not recommended.
I try to stay consistent through the winter months and have less need of it in the summer when I am naturally more active and generate more of my own "biological" happy stuff. ( so Technical)

Oracle said...


Thanks for the comments ;)

You just dropped me a bombshell ;)

The noise sounds familiar I have been seeing a CPN for some stress issues but ever since school I have been unable to concentrate an always butted in and I fidget loads an My head well (read the blog lol) Its a damn mine field up there ;) thank you I will read more and Add you to my blogroll ;)

David said...

you will ADD us to the blogroll, no pun intended

read on
lots of good stuff here

Cristin said...

Michele sent me...

I've never had ADHD that I am aware of. However, for over a year, I took Effexor XR to deal with "anxiety". At the time, I was working tech support in a call center, with breaks at the same time every day. I took my "anti bitch medicine" and several supplements at the same time every work day, to the point I was made fun of. But it worked for me. Of course, being a chick, I kept all this crap in my purse. .... :)

KJKEB said...

Hey, I saw your comment on "Seek and Ye Shall Find". I, too, have ADD. (Or as my daughter says, "ADOLAPL" which is "Attention Deficit ... Oh, Look a Pretty Leaf" Those of you who have it will understand. Those that don't... Well, know amount of explaining will help.

I'll try to focus on your blog and see what you have to say.