Friday, February 23, 2007

So Far So Good

I've been on ADHD meds now for about 4 months, and the changes I have noticed have been incredible.
I was reminded of this on Monday. I schedule a meeting with the head of our department because I wanted to have a talk with her about my career goals, where I want to go and how I want to get there. I'm not a very career oriented person, but I do have some goals.

She said something to me that really took my by surprise: "Matt, people appreciate how well you listen to them. Because you listen so well and gather all the feedback from people before cutting them off, people respect what you have to say when you do talk."

I was floored.

Me? A good listener? Could it be?

Indeed as I look back over the past few months, the changes have been noteworthy. My work review, just 2 weeks ago, was one of the best reviews I have ever had. I've been able to focus and get real work done. I've been able to listen to people and have people listen to me. I can maintain eye contact and focus for longer than 5 seconds... Heck, I can maintain focus for longer than an hour. That kind of focus is something I have never experienced before. Ever.

I remain cautious. I don't want to spend all of my days on ADHD medication. I don't take it when I don't need it (as you can tell from the previous post I wrote about my bad church experience).

I guess I've changed. I've moved from being someone who viewed such drugs as a crutch and such a diagnosis as outrageous, to being someone who has been affected in an extremely positive way because of a diagnosis and treatment.


David said...

Congratulations on your good review, and on the really excellent compliment your boss gave you.
Now that I think of it, one of the things that hindered me before was talking over others, and thinking too far ahead, or sideways in the conversation. I still do both, but much less so, and I am aware of it.
Thank God for His help in this and in all things!

Jennifer said...

I think that's one thing that medication would do for me...make me a better listener. I tend to be preoccupied most of the time. One of my favorite quotes: "I live in my own little world, but that's all right, they know me here". ;)

Live, Love, Laugh said...

sounds like things are going well for you, hope you are able to achieve the goals you are striving for in your career.

Anonymous said...

I felt good.

Pearl said...

wow, that's significant.