Monday, December 04, 2006

impulse control

My mind still races
and I talk a hundred miles and hour
but I am noticing I do not have to DO everything I think about.
I still get nervous around my X wife ( you would too)
and that can shake me for a bit.
( its a big but)
I am so much more aware of what I need to do and how to
( to quote a friend in Michigan) "Get er done!"

Cleaning is one of the hardest things.
On Saturday I spent 'I don't now how long' cleaning out a garage where I have been working.
I kept moving things all week but never making the whole space available or securing the contents. It was drywall work and VERY dusty. Finally at the end of the day I moved everything piece by piece so I could sweep the floor under it. All of my considerable scrap and trash was in one pile, and their garage contents were in a much more orderly condition.
It felt good! It was good. I can do this.

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Jennifer said... the pits. I'm bad about pushing things from one area of a room to another, because they have to be put away somewhere, and I usually have no idea where that place is, and am not good at deciding where they should go. I can clean dirty surfaces fine, as long as someone else does the organizational part. You should see my bedroom...many, many, many carefully stacked piles around the room, of things that need to be organized somehow. Argh!