Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas Brain! I got a drug just for you!

One tragic thing that results from lack of knowledge
( in any field)
is alienation of people of differing opinions.

I am beginning ( in a light hearted way) to explain some of the symptoms and internal workings of the mind with ADD ( mine) to my children, whenever I can. I want them to will know just why I seemed to "fall down on the job" when I did during so many dark winters. Why I was unavailable at times, and depressed at others. I also want them to know I am fighting those symptoms for the good of all of us.

Well as I am sharing some of these things, my x wife chimes in with her (popular) theory that ADD is not really a real condition and that most of the times it is a misdiagnosis. THIS bugs the crap out of me on two levels.
ONE: the syptoms are dramatically on display right in front of her ( me).
TWO: I don't recall her having any advanced degrees in human behavior, Psychology, or even reading very much about it in the last fifteen years. From her I hear ( only once, thank God) that ADD is not real, is NOT my problem and certainly is NO excuse for my absent mindedness and tendency to clutter up my life with trinkets and old cars.

More on this later - - - For now, I need to play "blitzen in the family Christmas musical. J/K!

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